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Why Come in 2020
We sent out over 1400 invites this year. To the classmates that didnít finish school at BHS they also get invites. To those classmates that canít make it because of heath or other issues. To classmates that never came to one of our reunions, but were hoping you come this year. The reason is very simple we care. The only reason we donít send out an invite is because we donít have an address.We have a website and the cost of it is absorbed in the Reunion. We donít solicit funds for it or charge to look at it. We had over 1 Million hits since 2004. It has a little bit of everything on it. If you have something you want put on it, email or call Pat.We have a yearbook for each class about 7 inches thick with pictures of all the reunions starting in 1997. If you didnít graduate you have a page with your sophomore or junior picture. Jerry Peters (58)Rip and I put these Yearbooks together. We have a class pictures of almost all the class reunions ever held. We have obits and history of many classmates. It is an ongoing project. We donít sell them. We donít provide classes with a list of addresses for their class. When you come to the reunion you can write down any address you would like to have from the yearbooks.We cater all the food. Classmates make some great ethic food for the Reunion. Deserts for Saturday night dinner are made by Attendees and they are really great every year. We have a Champagne brunch for Sunday. Last year we had over 101 classmates and wives for the brunch alone. At 45 dollars a classmate or 80 dollars a couple for 4 days this is really a bargain. We donít solicit funds from anybody. We are a nonprofit Reunion. We do accept donations.If you decide to come, I will guarantee you will most certainly meet classmates that you have not seen in over 50 Years or more. Last year we had 11 classmates who came that never went to any class reunions. The dress code is casual so you donít have to bring your suit. Two days are on the River. Bring your camera. Come Friday and sit with Pat at pavilion and he will introduce you to classmates. This reunion is the longest multi class reunion in the world that runs for 4 days and has been going continually for 24 straight years. Come for the 24th year and make a little history. The reunion dates for 2020 are Aug 6 thru Aug 9. You can come for only 1 day if you wish.