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Reunion 2020 Menu
2020 Reunion Menu

Tacoís-------------------------Deep fried turkeys----------Roast Beef ---------------Scramble Eggs
Potato salad-----------------K ielbasa & sauerkraut------Ham----------------------- Home fries
Baked beans-----------------Peirogies----------------------Holupkiís-----------------Sausage Gravy
Corn on cob------------------Corn on cob------------------Green Beans----------- --Bacon & Sausage
Chili Mild------------------------------------------------------Fruit & Garden salad---Toast & Biscuits
Nachos & Cheese-----------Rolls ---------------------------Parsley Potatoes --------Donuts & sweets
Smoked Sausage----------- Sausage, onions, peppers---  Appetizers*, Rolls--------Coffee
Potato salad-----------------BHS Layer Cake -------------Desserts, Gravy ---------Champagne

*Appetizers: Shrimp, Carrot & Celery sticks with dip, Crackers with 5 type of cheese
Classmates are asked to bring desserts for Saturday and last year they were all delicious and super. . If you have any suggestion, get back to us.

Open bar 4 days (Wed. Beer & Wine only), Beer, Pop, Alcohol, Water.

I am sure we will change the Menu a little.
Thursday is designated as Mexican day. Last year we had over 80 classmates and guests come to Patís house. It is a very casual day and is getting bigger every year so we are going to spruce up the menu a little.